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Chiropractic care for Wellness

Chiropractic Testimonials

“I just wanted to thank you for all of your help. I feel terrific. Your care and kindness will always be remembered. You’re the best!”

- Melissa

"Felt 85% better after Dr. Bonanno treated me 3 times. I have already recommended chiropractic care for Dr. Bonanno. I have seen other chiropractors before. But none have helped as quickly as Dr. B- Thanks”

- Joseph K.

“Lower back pain and right leg pain and numbness. 100% reduction of numbness and 90% reduction of pain. Restored full range of motion in neck.”

- Leroy G.

“Numbness in hand and arm between wrist and elbow. Pain in neck & shoulders, due to my job. Diagnosed as having “Carpal Tunnel Syndrome” by 3 medical doctors. The chiropractic treatments Dr. Bonanno gave me in a two week period helped relieve my numbness and aches. Nearly no pain in my arm and could use my wrist freely.”

- Kathleen C.

“Severe Shoulder Pain. Pain in arm and neck. It has relieved pain 95%. By going on a regular basis (monthly) the adjustments help prevent the problem from recurring.”

- Ronald C.

“Numbness in fingers and hands. Unable to pick up things. Gave me back the use of my hands. I now can sew, write, paint, garden and sleep.”

- Betty S.

“My daughters and I appreciate the chiropractic care we receive from your office. Thanks Dr. Bonanno”

- Duren, Krystal & Stacie S.

“I like your treatments. They help my headaches and make me feel better.”

- Krystal S.

“Lower back pain. I have less pain in lower back. Feel better.”

- Dean H.

“Migraines (seeing stars, upset stomach, blacking out.) I have been seeing the chiropractor for two months & haven’t had a migraine since the treatment has started.”

- Melissa F.

“I like your treatments a lot. When you give me treatments my leg feels better.”

- Stacie S.

"Activities that were limited with my low back condition were, I couldn’t lift certain things in my job and I couldn’t even get out of bed. I was scared my back problems would hurt me for the rest of my life. It affected my job and I could not walk.

I’m glad I came to see Dr. Bonanno because I truly feel better. If a person has the same back problem, I would tell them to get the treatment as soon possible, without thinking twice about it.

The best thing about the treatment is that it doesn’t hurt. The best thing about Dr. Bonanno’s office is there are different treatments in one office."

- Jorge E.

"For six (6) Months I was in terrible pain with my lower back. I tried injections but it didn’t last long.

The care I received really helped my lower back problem. The office staff was very caring and helpful. I am very thankful that I met with Dr. Bonanno."

- Marie M.

"Back pain limited my ability to lift items, my ability to turn, bend and play sporting activities.

The pain in my back caused me to stay in bed all day. I was unable to walk and sometimes it would last for as long as a week.

I was not too concerned because I lived with this condition for over 15 years. I was told I was going to need surgery. I decided that I needed my life back and get rid of my back pain.

The biggest difference about Dr. Bonanno’s office is he offered a drug free, non invasive procedure for stop back pain."

- Stanley G.


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